Upson Joins Inserso’s Advisory Board

Former Secretary of Technology joins Inserso’s board.

Donald W. Upson, former Secretary of Technology for the commonwealth of Virginia and current president of ICG Government, has accepted an invitation to join the advisory board of Inserso, an application development company based in Annandale, Virginia. "Don's insights will help Inserso better position its products and services to the federal government and ultimately provide better services," said Hamid Moinamin, Inserso's CEO. Moinamin praised Upson's wealth of experience with technology at both the federal and state level.

At the dawn of the Information Age, Upson was chief of staff for congressman Frank Horton and the House Government Operations Committee. From 1986 to 1992, Upson played major roles in procurement reform initiatives, the Paperwork Reduction Act, the Chief Financial Officers' Act, the Inspector General Act, trade-related legislation, and oversight of the information technology acquisition process. While Secretary of Technology, Upson led the movement toward e-government as the chairman of the Council on Technology Services, implementing e-government including procurement, services, communications and computing architecture, and coordination of technology-based systems at all levels of government.

Upson has been a seven-time honoree and two-time judge for Federal Computer Week's Federal 100, which lists the top 100 government and industry leaders in the federal information technology market. He has been a keynote speaker at e-government and technology conferences in the United States and abroad, including Italy, Brazil, Egypt, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Upson enjoys helping others and has served on many boards, councils, and committees.

He is also realistic, telling companies that if their services don't help the government, then they shouldn't waste the government's time. While Secretary of Technology, he said in an interview, "I would like vendors to come to meetings with a knowledge of Virginia government and specific initiatives to address our problems as opposed to asking how they can help us and giving company commercials." He encourages companies to understand their own potential market better and only offer solutions where they make the most sense.

While Secretary of technology, Upson was impressed with the quality of Inserso's work and saw that they delivered solid solutions. He believes his guidance will help the company grow tremendously.

Upson joins Michael R. Losey and Richard Moore on the advisory board.