Inserso Partners with Sitecore

Partnership expands Danish CMS leader's presence in United States.

Having evaluated over a dozen content management systems for various client, Inserso's team discovered Sitecore's technology and was so impressed by it, that for the first time in Inserso's history, it decided to partner with a CMS company. While Sitecore dominates the European market, at the time of Inserso's evaluation, they had virtually no presence in the United States.

"We are thrilled to have Inserso as a part of our family and to expand our presence in the United States," Bjarne K. Hansen, president of Sitecore USA, Inc. said of the partnership. "Inserso's technology team is sharp and has proven to us that they can deliver high quality service with the Sitecore CMS product."

Inserso CEO, Hamid Moinamin, was equally complimentary of the partnership. "Their product is very easy to use, built on a solid technology foundation, full of features, and very reasonably priced. We are their first U.S. partner, and they recently opened their West Coast office. They rely on top-notch system integrators like us to deliver their product to customers and that is exactly what Inserso can provide."

"Sitecore's product fits our company's philosophy of delivering easy to use user interfaces, top-notch systems, providing solid technical foundation which can be tailored to precise customer needs," explained Moinamin. Inserso has already launched one CMS solution for a U.S. client and plans to demonstrate the system to many more. "There has been tremendous interest in Sitecore's solution and we hope to spread the word around."

Sitecore A/S has, since 1999, produced the content management system Sitecore. The company has a well-established portfolio of Solution Partners worldwide and an extensive network of certified Sitecore developers. They are a leading provider of innovative CMS software and associated products. The Sitecore system is entirely based on Microsoft's .NET technology and the Worldwide Web Consortium's Open Internet standards. Sitecore is an ideal choice for integrating and Internet-enabling IT systems within an organization. Their partner network services a broad spectrum of over 230 successful businesses in 41 countries worldwide. Amongst those are some of northern Europe's biggest enterprises, such as ABN AMRO, F.L.Smidth, J. Lauritzen, Experian, Nilfisk-Advance, NKT Cables, Perstorp, Telenor, along with a large number of public organizations and municipalities, for example Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Nuuk.

Inserso is a leading provider of application development services for federal government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies. Inserso implements effective Web and database technologies tailored to client-specific needs. The company has proven, award-winning success in intranet/extranets, content management systems, self-service Web portals, eRulemaking and data management solutions. For more information on Inserso's services, please visit