Inserso Celebrates 10 Years

After the wave of dotcoms of the 1990s crashed on the beaches of a new millennium, the flood of investors’ money and high-tech dreams receded from our grasp. But that was the point, according to Hamid Moinamin, CEO of Inserso, an application development company that used to serve dot-coms and is celebrating its tenth anniversary this week. While other companies focused on their financing or their products, Inserso has always focused on people. "Our success is due to two main factors: great clients and great employees," admonishes Moinamin. This is a lesson for future entrepreneurs.

Inserso, which develops and builds Web solutions for clients such as the Virginia Department of Planning and Budget, the Association of American Railroads, and Ceridian Employer Services, not only survived ten years, but it did so while prospering. Inserso began as a part-time venture, funded with $400 saved by its founder, who shared a crowded 200 square foot office with the other two employees. The first year ended with a few thousand dollars of revenue. By 2000, when many dotcoms were going bust, Inserso was launching some very powerful Web applications and looking forward to cracking the one million dollar revenue figure. In 2002, the company was recognized as the 15th fastest growing technology company in Virginia. Now, instead of sharing the 200 square foot office, each of the original three has his own 200 square foot office. Looking back on the past ten years, Moinamin reflects, "The best part is we have retained clients for several years. The number one reason for our growth and retention has been client loyalty and repeat business. During the past ten years, we have done an outstanding job of keeping key employees and key customers. We are very thankful for all the people who have been a part of our team and worked with us."

"By our 15th anniversary, our goal is to grow to $10 million in revenue and one hundred employees. We'll continue to fine-tune our focus on the federal government market and keep our existing clients."

In keeping with the company’s belief that its strength has been its people, Inserso is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a company dinner at the Palm.